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Urban Eats is more than feast + drink, we are love.

And our love of art is as strong as our love of food. Join us as we feature new talent every three months, we’ll host each artist’s opening night when we introduce them and their masterpieces to our space and community.

Current Artist: Ernesto Guerra

October 1st – December 31st, 2019

Dream Weaver

I started my artistic career depicting reality in nature and life and have evolved to a more abstract representation of that reality. I view my work as an exciting journey into the unknown – working intuitively, linking one idea to the next progressing toward a finished piece. This method enables me to keep my work fresh and creative. With each step there are unlimited choices to reach a final destination. Working in a variety of mediums is a way to constantly explore new possibilities and to push the composition to the limit. Early in my career Edgar Degas and then later Robert Rauschenberg has been most influential in my work – giving me permission to try anything.

For some, dreams are simply a succession of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. We live them subconsciously but they are doomed to dissolve at day break. We are fortunate if even a trace of them remains after they flee. If we are truly lucky, the experience endures, haunts and gnaws at us until we have not choice but to give it breath and color.

Mexican mixed media artist Ernesto Guerra was born in Chicago, Illinois. Born the 11th of 12 children, Guerra’s innate artistic gifts surfaced through necessity. When the family could not afford ornaments one Christmas, young Ernesto transformed some leftover McDonald’s containers into his first object d’art for the tree. While it seemed he was on his way, his burgeoning creativity was later stunted at age 9 by a figure who should have been a source of encouragement– his 4th grade teacher. She spurned Guerra’s submission to a school art contest and cast a spell that would hold his destiny captive for more than 20 years with the utterance of a single phrase You are not talented.

The caged bird did not find his wings again until after he moved to New York, City in 2000. He would work there for 9 years as Director of Operations in the demanding hospitality industry. Stressed and stricken with tinnitus, Guerra realized he was stuck in a job he no longer enjoyed and felt his life had begun to speak to him. It did not seem right to feel empty in one of the busiest cities on earth. After one hard day at work, Guerra came home to find an unused paint kit that belonged to his roommate. He picked up the brush and never put it down again. The spell had been broken.

Guerra abandoned New York City for Houston, TX where he rejected any submission the subjectivity of art instructors in favor of taking ownership of his own artistic development. He honed his craft through trial and error. The self-led experience gave him the necessary validation to reclaim his destiny, a gamble that resulted in his work being featured at such venues as The East End Studio, Gallery, Talento Bilingue de Houston, M.E.C.A, Dionisio Winery, Fbar and his very first show which was featured in NYC.

Today, he shares his love through the creations in his current retrospective In Dreams. When asked about the exhibition and his personal statement on the collection, Guerra offered: “This exhibit is my most important one yet! This show will be a compilation of painting that I have created throughout the years and some new exciting pieces. I paint because it allows me to be in the moment to document the joys in my life. While I paint, I feel completely connected to my subjects and allow my faith to guide me to completion. I hope that my artistic expressions will bring joy to your day and inspire you to bring your own dreams to life with color.

Ernesto Guerra may be reached directly: EGuerra7070@hotmail.com.