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Urban Eats is more than feast + drink, we are love.

And our love of art is as strong as our love of food. Join us as we feature new talent every three months, we’ll host each artist’s opening night when we introduce them and their masterpieces to our space and community.

Current artist: Crystal Murley

January 11 – March 28 2021

Crystal Murley is a mixed media painter, print maker, and glass sculptor based in Houston, Texas. Crystal is a prolific artist and abstract visionary. She is perpetually experimenting with various mediums and pushes herself to learn and explore all avenues of expression. She does not limit herself with the constraints of only one medium. She works with oil, acrylic, ink, fabric, printmaking, photography, and glass. She utilizes negative space, color theory, and mark making in her works projecting emotional connections with the viewer.

Since graduating with her MFA from Houston Baptist University, Crystal has opened a second studio in Cypress that houses her painting and ink works. This allows Crystal to focus on glass art at her main studio in Oak Forest. Glass has taken her art to the third dimension creating dynamic and unique sculptural pieces. With her newfound passion for glass, Crystal offers group glass classes to the public so they can experience the joy and thrill of creating glass art.

Giving back to the community is a key part of Crystal’s work ethic. In her time in Houston, she has given consistently for the past 15 years to local charities and organizations through art donations, service projects, and fundraising efforts. Animal protection agencies, LGBTQ+, and youth arts involvement are causes that are near to her heart. In addition to the charity work, Crystal enjoys mentoring new and young artists by providing private classes to enhance and enrich their craft.

Artist Statement
My creative desire revolves around the central notion that art possesses a healing energy. The formation of my latest body of work is an effort to connect the sensibilities found through abstraction, connecting the psychological and spiritual through obsessive mark making and color relationships. These works seek to elevate the spirit of the individuals that impacted me, while touching on the psychology behind the moments that have deeply changed my life. Iconic, deconstructed alters, or shrines, of representation for these individuals are produced through mixed media techniques in a series of works that depict a physical, emotional, psychological, and textural aesthetic.

With great loss, an invisible web is woven creating a path to great discoveries. Each of these series of works creates a symbiotic relationship of matter circumnavigating and pulsing through the human condition. These flashes of memories of my family and childhood become tangible objectifications through the work. This is done through all means of organic abstraction, finding a rhythm and an arrhythmia to the core-essence in life. This essence is the root of my experimentation and research into the interpersonal and psychological stratifications. It is my desire for viewers to find their own balance, joy, and sense of discovery through the marks that I have made with the potentiality to be a totally different experience. I see my overarching intention as one continuing to combine, through the actions of destruction and recreation, a sense of newness in the very origin of the psychology of my life simultaneously connecting to the discordance of the human condition.

Connect with Crystal online
Tik Tok: CrystalMurleyArt