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Urban Eats is more than feast + drink, we are love.

And our love of art is as strong as our love of food. Join us as we feature new talent every three months, we’ll host each artist’s opening night when we introduce them and their masterpieces to our space and community.

Current Artists: Carol Simon & Barbara Rubenstein

July 1st – September 30th, 2019

Carol Simon

Carol Simon is a native Houstonian and abstract expressionist artist. She has been creating art in different forms throughout her life as a hobby. In 2011, after her daughters went off to college, she started taking painting lessons and found the immediate happiness that abstract expressionism invoked in her. She realized that being an artist was her calling and has made it her full time career ever since. She likes to experiment with different types of mediums and substrates in her work. She uses vibrant colors that bring each piece to life. Simon’s gets her inspiration for many of her pieces from the glass artist, Dale Chilhuly.

She has participated in a number of group exhibitions in both Texas and California. Simon is an alumna of the University of Texas in Austin where she received a BS in Advertising. In 2014-15, she taught art and art history to elementary students at City Artworks and in 2015 covered the art scene as contributing writer for the Houston Inner Looper Newspaper.

In 2016, after working with several different types of up-cycled materials in her art pieces and seeing several community art installations, she decided to lead a community wide, permanant public art project for the First Ward of Houston, using 10,000 water and soda bottles to form a colorful flower garden on a 150 ft fence on Houston Avenue and Edwards Street.

For more information:

Facebook @carolsimonstudio
Instagram @carolsimonstudio
Studio at The Silos on Sawyer, Suite 207

Barbara Rubenstein

Art takes me to a fanciful, fabulous place surrounded by beautiful color and dramatic feeling.  My creations are an expression of what I sense in the world around me. I strive to convey my feelings through the use of many layers of color, texture and movement.

My hope is that you will be inspired and energized by what you see.  I hope that you sense a connection that evokes good feelings and creates a special memory. I hope that my art will take you, as it does me, to a fanciful fabulous place.

Barbara retired from commercial banking in 2005 and began studying art.  She paints in the genre referred to as “abstract expressionism”, primarily using acrylics, ink and clay.  Barbara is noted for rich layers of color and texture.  Her work seamlessly melds geometric elements with vibrancy, spontaneity, and organic form.

Barbara and her family live in Houston, TX and have a vacation home in Santa Fe, NM.  Much of Barbara’s inspiration comes from nature, particularly the rich colors and awe-inspiring landforms found in Santa Fe.

For more information:

Facebook @barbararubensteinart
Instagram @barbararubensteinart