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Urban Eats is more than feast + drink, we are love.

And our love of art is as strong as our love of food. Join us as we feature new talent every three months, we’ll host each artist’s opening night when we introduce them and their masterpieces to our space and community.

Current artist: Diane Gelman

June 1 – August 31, 2020

Diane Gelman is a mixed media artist, layering together images, designs, and fantasy. Her artworks are a celebration of food, the beauty of nature, and focus on interesting people. Diane uses additive and reductive processes in creating her work, removing or embellishing images, and often carving into them, to find the real, hidden story underneath each painting.

Much of Diane’s work is a visual feast of imaginative food-centric paintings and sculptures. Her hand-crafted foods look so enticing that the viewer is actually tempted to reach for a delicious looking cake or cookie. Diane often creates whimsical yet realistic patisserie scenes. The pastries include garnishes like cherries made from string and glue and realistic looking whipped cream, created using a pastry bag to apply the paint.

Diane’s artwork often includes a 3-dimensional aspect, with some of the piece, popping off of the picture plane. Her work often combines paint with interesting collage elements. A recent landscape features giant flowers, made from string, paper, and paint and covered with resin, to make the viewer feel like they are in an actual garden.

Diane earned a certificate in Fine Art in Painting from The Glassell School of Art in 2012. She also has a master’s degree in nutrition and is a registered, licensed dietitian. Diane had a long career in that field before retraining in art. Diane has had four solo shows of her work – “FRESH!” at the Silos Gallery 200, at Kam’s Restaurant, Michael’s Cookie Jar, and a current exhibition of her work here at Urban Eats. She has shown work extensively with the Visual Arts Alliance of Houston. Diane works full-time creating amazing artwork at her studio #119 in the Silos at Sawyer Yards.