Customers tell us their favorite signature sliders

//Customers tell us their favorite signature sliders

Ismael Garza and Steve Janda—also known as The Garzandas—have been customers of ours from the beginning. Any given week, you can find Ismael and Steve joining us for happy hour, brunch, or dinner at their favorite high back booth upstairs.

This Friday, May 28, we celebrate National Burger Day! On our menu, we have nine sliders that offer a wide range of classics and a culmination of our creativity. The newest slider on the menu, The Urban Classic, is our take of the perfect burger. For slider recommendations, we asked Ismael and Steve to share with us their favorite sliders on the menu.

Ismael: Fried Green Tomato BLT
“I love their fried green tomatoes,” Ismael shares. “Whether it’s in their Stacked Fried Green Tomato dish or the slider. Having recently gone off being plant-based, I still love plant-based dishes. This one has just a little bit of pig on it with the bacon and I love it; the flavor is the perfect compliment. This slider is a nice alternative since I don’t eat beef.”

Steve: The Urban Classic with Bacon
“I love the sliders here,” Steve shares. “They are all excellent. I was in the mood for some meat. I have really stopped eating a lot of meat these days, but I know the meat here is always fantastic. It’s a great slider.”

To pair with their sliders, both Steve and Ismael recommend the Number 3 Gin Martini or the Negroni cocktail. Both being favorite go-to cocktails on their visits. Over on the menu, Ismael shares that he loves our brunch menu with a go-to favorite being the Honey Butter Fried Chicken Biscuit and the Biscuit Flight. If he’s going for something a little greener, the Green Goodness Bistro Salad with grilled salmon is his new favorite. For Steve, he shares that there isn’t much he doesn’t enjoy on the menu. If he had to choose, he’d recommend the Mac and Cheese dishes, House-Smoked Wings, and Society Egg.

Originally from the Valley, Ismael took his first teaching job here in Houston in 1994, moving from Southwest Texas [now Texas State University] in San Marcos. His teaching career eventually took him to an MS in Professional Writing and Technical Communications. His master’s degree landed him opportunity and growth within a couple of positions for what Ismael says, “is the best company to work for.” Steve has mid-west roots in Nebraska. After college, Steve lived in Chicago and New York. Eventually moving to Dallas and later settling into Houston and retiring from the VA Medical Laboratory. Steve’s retirement was a steppingstone into a second 12-year career as a seasonal fundraiser for the United Way of Greater Houston. Ismael and Steve have been together since 2001, celebrating over 20 years of marriage.

Ismael and Steve are regulars we love. Not to mention, they’ve got incredible taste when it comes to our menu! We hope you’ll give their recommendations a try. Urban Eats is located at 3414 Washington Avenue. We are open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday.


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