Fall in love with our new menu

//Fall in love with our new menu

The first week of Fall is here and with it brings our new menu. We’ve updated some of our classic dishes, brought back oldie-but-goodies, and even added new things in the mix. Here’s a couple new highlights you can’t miss!


Swiss Queso Fondue

This new menu item is all about sharing! Dip a mixture of veggies and fruit, and our giant pesto parmesan croutons, into our garlic and cracked black pepper fondue.




You got to know them during Houston Restaurant Weeks, the Mobb Boss and Truffled Egg Club sliders are here to stay! The Mobb Boss sliders feature our comforting meatloaf on a pan de mie roll and the Truffled Egg Club sliders feature our bright egg salad on a pretzel roll.



The Spreads

Another sharable plate is our new Spreads plate that features pesto hummus, tzatziki whipped feta, truffled mushroom tapenade, and a Mediterranean salad. It’s served with crostini and warm herbed naan!


The Spreads


Bolognese Lasagna Dinner

New on the dinner menu is our Bolognese Lasagna Dinner. It’s classic, comforting, and served with a fire roasted artichoke and giant pesto parmesan croutons to sop it all up. We dare you to not eat it all!



Meat & Cheese Selections

We’ve upgraded our Meat & Cheese board to now be offered as three selections with various cheeses, cured meats, and accoutrements. We’ve got something for everyone!



We can’t wait for you to join us to try our new menu. For our full menus, please visit our home page on our website! We are located in the Houston Heights at 3414 Washington Ave.


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